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Amina Leighton

Born and raised in Seattle, Amina is a Seattle-native through and through. Amina spent the majority of her time in and around the family business and can’t imagine ever being away from it. Being able to work with her family and help the business flourish allows her to feel connected to her great grandfather, who had the vision to start an industrial park in the center of Fremont, and a deep connection with her grandma, who has shown her how to be an empowered business woman, and the rest of her family who play various roles that make Fremont Dock Co so unique.

Amina loves when she is able to solve problems in both her tenant relations role and her office management role. Amina is excited by real estate and enjoys being able to have the opportunity to come to work with every day vastly different from the rest. In Amina’s free time she loves to spend time with her family and friends, travel, hike, dance and binge watch terrible TV. Amina also excitingly welcomed a beautiful baby girl in July 2020.

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