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Lorelei Clarice Leighton

Lorelei Clarice Leighton born July 20, 2020 The newest member of our team. Loved by all who meet her she is a true blessing. Daughter of Raymond and Amina Leighton,…

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Suzanne Burke

Executive, President

The matriarch of the family and the business. A powerhouse of Fremont and the greater Seattle area, it is hard not to know or know of Suzie Burke. She was…

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Michael Osterfeld

Executive, Vice President

Raised by the powerhouse, Suzie Burke, Mike is the youngest of 3 and is the Vice President of Fremont Dock. He has been working for the family business since he…

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Amina Leighton

Office Management, Tenant Relations

Born and raised in Seattle, Amina is a Seattle-native through and through. Amina spent the majority of her time in and around the family business and can’t imagine ever being…

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Raymond Leighton

Facilities Lead, Tenant Relations

Every good business needs that person who is willing to do anything that needs to be done. Raymond is not that person, but he likes to think he is. He loves…

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Gwen Kapusuzoglu

Lease Administrator

Gwen Kapusuzoglu has worked for Fremont Dock Co., for over 3 decades, primarily managing the leases for our many small businesses.  She is proud of the commitment Fremont Dock Co.…

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Monika Lirio

Accounting, Administrative

Monika loves her job in Accounting and the vibe of Fremont. She is proud to be a part of a generational family business who supports the community. Monika is also…

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Heather Mercill

Front Desk

As the face of the Front Desk at Fremont Dock, Heather helps keep the office humming and helps direct you where you need to go! She is well versed in everything…

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Barbara Buklow

Accounting Assistant, Administrative, Front Desk

Being the newest addition to the Fremont Dock accounting team, Barbara has really loved seeing the comradery between the tenants and the office/facilities staff. It is not uncommon for our…

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